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Tutorial Translation

Inkscape tutorial sources are in Docbook XML format, with illustrations in SVG. If you want to translate one or more tutorials, first download the Docbook source here:

Each tutorial is in its own subdirectory. You need the *.xml file, for example basic/tutorial-basic.xml. You could get it and simply replace all English text in it with the text in your language, preserving all XML markup. See README at that location for some notes on markup. Other (better) ways are described below.

  • If there's already such a file in SVN, you can edit it instead :) If there's no xml file at the above location but there's a translation of this tutorial in SVG format (in share/tutorials in Inkscape distribution), you'll need to convert it to Docbook (and probably update). Conversion can be done simply by: select the text blocks of an SVG tutorial in Inkscape, Ctrl C, and Ctrl V in your text editor, then add the markup.
  • Save your file as <original name>.<language suffix>.xml, for example basic/ for Spanish.
  • Do not use symbolic entities like