Deformation Envelope LPE

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Deformation Envelope LPE

This Project is part of a student project from Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

See this Mock-up for immediate understanding.

Main points are :

  • a. envelope effect (math)

Lib2geom provides good mesh-deformation. The toy "mesh-grad" is a good example.

  • b. envelope parameter UI (how to handle the control of the envelope)

The envelope may be a single path. But there are particular nodes : the first four ones. Johan: the sodipodi:nodetype attribute of a path determines the nodetype. you could add a new nodetype to specify the 4 special corner nodes. This way you can reuse all node-editing stuff that is already present in inkscape, with only tiny changes needed. Just having it as one (closed) path is nice, good idea!

See this old page for the original idea : PerspectiveObject (is obsolete)