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Change keyboards shortcuts

There is no user interface to customize shortcuts yet but you can edit <Inkscape install directory>share/keys/default.xml.

In order to share same shortcuts than other softwares, following configuration files are shipped with Inkscape (look at the <Inkscape install directory>share/keys/ folder):


  • right-handed-illustration.xml is a configuration where the user draw with the right hand and want to access all shortcuts with the left one
  • inkscape.xml is the default Inkscape shortcuts configuration file.

Change the user interface

Change icons

Icons are in all in an icnos.svg file located in <Inkscape install directory>\share\icons\. It can be overwritted or modified by the user (be sure of what you do).

Examples of existing icons.svg:

  • Default one from the Inkscape repository
  • A Tango Icon Set for Inkscape can be sent in the <Inkscape install directory>\share\icons\ directory, you can rename it.
  • SimpleGrey inkscape theme by Scnd101

Change the theme/skin

In GTK, a theme is defined in a gtkrc file. On Windows, the Inkscape one is located in <Inkscape install directory>\etc\gtk-2.0.