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How do we handle console output?


Windows Encoding

Windows uses the wrong encoding for glib output:

Possible solutions:

Glib vs iostreams

Mix of glib output functions and std::cout/std::cerr. In principle mixing the two can cause problems but in practice it does not as by default std::cout/std::cerr are synced with stdio (std::sync_with_stdio).

Current Use

  • std::cout: 976
  • std::cerr: 361
  • g_log/g_logv: 23
  • g_message: 312
  • g_warning: 470
  • g_critical: 47
  • g_info: 72
  • g_debug: 4

Message dialog

Our message dialog can intercept g_log, etc. and redirect it to the dialog. This is done through g_log_set_handler if "Capture log messages" is checked. As we intercept everything, we could just intercept stdout/stderr as a comment in the message code suggests. How do actually do this is not clear.

For std::cout only:

// Start redirection
std::stringstream ss;
std::streambuf *sb = std::cout.rdbuf(ss.rdbuf());

// End redirection

For everything:

char huge_string_buf[1000];
freopen("/dev/null", "a", stdout);
setbuf(stdout, huge_string_buf);

Buffer could get filled up (shouldn't overflow).