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In Inkscape, it is possible to connect two shapes from their centers. But if you want to make a schematic with represent a family (for example), it's not possible to add connectors from an edge of a shape.

It will be great if connectors can be added to edge of shape, in a way that auto adaptation to "best path" is still possible.

Another idea is to implement a tool that can *restrict* the connector to vertical and horizontal lines only. For now, Inkscape is tracing straight lines or broken line if there is an shape in the path, but lines go in any direction.

It will be great if connectors can be configured in a way that they must avoid others shapes, AND pass through some specific points, AND stay even horizontal even vertical.

I do not speak yet about the functionality of making a little "bridge" when two lines cross each others and are not connected. This is a functionality that exists in M$ Visio but does not work very well :-/

Thanks for reading !