Compiling Inkscape on Windows 64-bit

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Get MinGW 64-bit from here: MinGW-w64 on Sourceforge, taking the package from the Mingw-builds Project.

The version you need is POSIX with SJLJ exception handling, because inkscape-devlibs64 has been compiled with SJLJ exception handling, and POSIX is needed for C++11 thread capabilities.

Direct link to what I got: x86_64-4.9.0-release-posix-sjlj-rt_v3-rev1.7z

Devlibs 64

Checkout lp:inkscape-devlibs64 into, e.g., c:\devlibs64.

Also see: Inkscape Devlibs 64-bit


set the paths correctly in mingwenv.bat! Specifically, I have:

   IF "%DEVLIBS_PATH%"=="" set DEVLIBS_PATH=c:\devlibs64
   IF "%MINGW_PATH%"=="" set MINGW_PATH=C:\mingw64\mingw64_posix

build using buildtool as usual, but with build-x64.xml:

   btool -file build-x64.xml

Hicolor theme

For now a small fixup is needed. In the inkscape folder created after the build (where you build is installed), you have to remove the \share\icons\hicolor folder.