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-- Daniel Dïaz
-- Daniel Dïaz
[[Category:Developer Documentation]]
[[Category:Developer Documentation]]
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It's pretty straight forward as with most of the current distributions.

First of all, unpack the latest inkscape.tar.gz:

$ tar zxvf inkscape-0.35-pre0.tar.gz

Try to ./configure and find out that you need libpng. Next try to understand that although `yum install libpng' says that you have the latest working version for your system, you still cannot get Inkscape to compile (the reason is that you need libpng-devel for this.) Since there is no Yellowdog RPMs for libpng-devel, go to http://www.libpng.org/ and download the latest tarball (1.2.5 works fine), ./configure, make, and make install. Go back to your Inkscape source directory and re./configure.
Inkscape will happily compile now!

-- Daniel Dïaz