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Consider using pre-built packages

This is a short how to build the latest development version. If you don't want to change the source code, you can avoid this effort and use pre-built packages, either the well-tested stable version, or the newest developer's version intended for testing. See Installing_Inkscape#Ubuntu_or_Debian_Linux.

Compiling unstable developement version

Please refer to


If you used some CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX other than /usr, then you may install using usual 'make install' or 'sudo make install', depending on the location. If the the location prefix was /usr, then "sudo make install" is not recommended, as debian package manager would know nothing about new package. The better alternative is using checkinstall. If checkinstall is not installed, you can install it the usual way "sudo apt-get install checkinstall".

   sudo checkinstall

Happy inkscapeing.