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== Suse 9.0 ==

One of the challenges with Suse 9.0 is the lack of a distro provided gtkmm2 and libsigc++ packages.
Best place to find them:  ftp://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/misc/apt4rpm/suse/usr-local-bin/9.0/
[ This URL does not exist anymore :-( ]
Suse 9.1 includes both now in the GNOME supplemental downloads.
Note that for SuSE the gtk+2 packages are called gtk2.  The gtk+2 2.4 package is not provided via Yast but can be found via rpmseek as gtk2 and gtk2-devel
To find the .pc files, I had to set:
setenv PKG_CONFIG_PATH/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig:/usr/lib/pkgconfig:/opt/gnome/lib/pkgconfig/
In SuSE 9.1 I ran into this error:
  configure.in:25: required file `./ltmain.sh' not found
Copying /usr/share/libtool/ltmain.sh into the top directory fixed it.
For 0.40cvs the libgc dependency is added.  In [[SuSE]] 9.1 this is package 'boehm-gc', but it doesn't work - you need to compile from source.  Download from:
Then configure it with the command:
  $ ./configure --enable-cplus-plus
SuSE 9.1 also does not have libsigc++ 2.0; I couldn't find an rpm for it so ended up having to compile it from source, from http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/libsigc/libsigc++-2.0.3.tar.gz
I also had to compile gtkmm 2.4 and glib 2.4 from source; download them from ftp://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/gtkmm/2.4/ and http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/glibmm/2.4/
Looks like these packages are also available from here:ftp://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/suse/apt/SuSE/9.1-i386/RPMS.gnome/
Also, stuff got installed to /opt/gnome/bin/, so I had to also
`export PATH=$PATH:/opt/gnome/bin/`
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