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Autopackage is a set of tools for building low overhead, distribution-neutral packages, distributing them, and installing using with a variety of front-ends. Visit to learn more.


  • Download and install the Autopackage developer tools from
  • You may need to tweak the specfile (packaging/autopackage/ to fit your own needs. eg. add your name as the packager. :)
  • Collect static (*.a) versions of gtkmm, libgc and libpopt. It should be possible to obtain these libraries by installing the appropriate dev or devel packages for your distro.
  • It might be best to built your own static copy of libgc (the Boehm Garbage Collector) to ensure it was built with C support and to increase binary portability by using apbuild (included with the autopackage developer tools).
    • export CC=apgcc
    • export CXX=apg
    • ./configure --enable-cplusplus
    • make


  • ./
  • Currently gtkspell must be disabled in as below (this is a temporary fix that will be corrected in later versions)
-if pkg-conf --exists gtkspell-2.0; then
 if false