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The entry accepts colors as defined by the SVG 1.1 Specifications. Those colors are stored in the SVG file as specified by the user (i.e. no more forced conversions to RRGGBBAA). However, for internal purposes, the colors can be stored and handled differently.

The color sets in the entry is (chronologically):

  1. First, the color as written in the SVG file (if any)
  2. Then, if modified by the user (pasted or typed), the user value
  3. Then, if modified by the software (in case of multiple input widgets), the software value

If the text in the entry cannot be converted to a valid color, the entry changes it's appearance (red border?).

If a color from the palette is dragged and dropped on the entry, it takes the color value.

The SVG specification split colors and opacity in two different properties. However, the Inkscape Color Entry propose the user to merge them in the same entry. We would extend the SVG specifications to allow Alpha (ie RRGGBB => RRGGBBAA) but, if not set, Inkscape append the previous alpha.