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NOTE: This page is for SVG clipart submissions for Inkscape, while the <a href="">Open Clip Art Library</a> is a separate project that has developed from discussions surrounding Inkscape's clipart contributions.

Clipart Contribution

We encourage creation of SVG clipart for sharing with other users. This page includes some guidelines, tips, and suggestions for how you can create and submit work as part of an SVG collection, including details of how to make it properly "plug-in" to Inkscape.

Remaining questions to flesh out:

  • Why clipart packages are important and worth contributing to
  • What new features are needed/planned for making Inkscape work with clipart better? Links to the RFEs?
  • Licensing considerations
  • Links to current SVG clipart efforts
  • Write up collection packaging guidelines
  • Suggestions/wishlists for new collections
  • How to start a new collection effort

Clipart Collections

  • "ribbon.svg" - Johann "Myrkraverk" Oskarsson - Public Domain - located at inkscape/share/clipart/
  • "Road_signs" - John Cliff - Public Domain - located at inkscape/share/clipart/road_signs/

Got suggestions for clipart topics? we'd be happy to hear.

Also see the Klipart project, at

Some points on clipart creation

If you select a license from the creative commons site ( when you've confirmed your choice it gives you RDF which you can include in the SVG to include the license. Its formated for inclusion in html, to use it in the SVG take everything enclosed within the <rdf:RDF> </rdf:RDF> tag pair and paste it inside the <svg></svg> pair of your file. (i pasted it as the last item in all my files.) Now open the svg in inkscape and it should appear as an item in the XML editor.

"Calling Clipartists" Email

Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 13:58:33 -0800 (PST) From: Bryce Harrington <> To: Cc: Subject: [Inkscape-devel] Call For Clipartists

With Myrk's nifty ribbon.svg submission and Simarilius' SVG Signs contribution this morning, we're now officially ready to receive SVG clipart collections for Inkscape.

Clipart is extremely important for users of vector art programs, because it can save a lot of time when making certain kinds of drawings, and to provide examples users can start with when making their own creations.

I think it'd be most effective (and fun) to leave this process fairly open ended and flexible, since that's how we like to do things in this project. What we plan to do is treat each clipart "collection" as it's own discrete package, that is welcome to set its own rules and conventions as its contributors see fit. We'll distribute a few with Inkscape itself, others can be provided as separate add-ins.

So, if you want you can establish your own collection of just your own work, or can collaborate with other users for a group effort. You can set up some organization and standards for quality control or to maintain a theme, or leave it freeform. Whatever works best for you.

Let's collect info and ideas about Clipart Collections on this wiki page, to document HOWTO's, ideas, questions, guidelines, etc.:

If you want to start working on a clipart collection, please feel free to add a link to the appropriate page(s) there.


Add some GUI way to categorize the cliparts, so that they can be grouped in a logical way.

Import all the shapes from Dia. It can be easily done by exporting them one by one to SVG.