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| display/nr-arena-item.cpp:734: error: ‘const class Geom::Matrix’ has no member named ‘test_identity’
| NR::
| NR::

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Cheat Sheet For Converting to 2geom

If you are just starting I suggest you pick a header file and convert just one function at a time. That will give you a feel for the process as you get more comfortable do more at one time.

ItemsThat you Can Switch NR:: for Geom::


Things that need small adjustments or Complete replacement

Error looks like NR Function or Code 2geom Replacement
NR::scale Geom::Scale (note the capital letter S)
NR::translate Geom::Translate (capital)
nrrect.extent(NR::X) geomrect.dimensions()[Geom::X] OR


height= r->extent(NR::Y); height= r->dimensions()[Geom::Y];
NR::expansion(nrmatrix) geommatrix.descrim()
desktop.cpp:754: error: 'expand' is not a member of 'Geom' NR::Rect const viewbox = NR::expand(canvas->getViewbox(), border);

Geom::Rect viewbox = canvas->getViewbox();


desktop.cpp:162: error: 'class Geom::Matrix' has no member named 'set_identity' Mymatrix = set_identity (Nrmatrix) identity(Nrmatrix) OR


desktop.cpp: In member function 'bool SPDesktop::isWithinViewport(SPItem*) const':

desktop.cpp:532: error: conversion from

'boost::optional<NR::Rect>' to non-scalar type

'boost::optional<Geom::D2<Geom::Interval> >' requested

boost::optional<NR::Rect> boost::optional<Geom::Rect>
desktop.cpp:1004: error: no matching function for call to 'Geom::D2<Geom::Interval>::isEmpty(double)' ./2geom/rect.h:105: note: candidates are: bool Geom::D2<Geom::Interval>::isEmpty() const if ( !d || d->isEmpty(0.1) ) { return; }

if ( !d

|| d->width() < 0.1

|| d->height() < 0.1





display/nr-arena-item.cpp:734: error: ‘const class Geom::Matrix’ has no member named ‘test_identity’ NR::


selection-chemistry.cpp:1424: error: no match for ‘operator[]’ in ‘center[X]’

center is a boost::optional<Geom::Point>

you're missing the *
Geom::Rotate doesn't seem have a operator/ what is the trick for turning division in to multiplication, again r1/r2 r1 * r2.inverse()
NR::Rect's can be changed to Geom::Rect But it is better not to do this. geomrect = to_2geom(nrrect)
NR::union_bounds() Geom::unify()
sp-item.cpp:814: error: ‘expansionX’ is not a member of ‘Geom’ dy0 *= NR::expansionY(i2d);

dx0 *= NR::expansionX(i2d);

dy0 *= i2d.expansionY();

dx0 *= i2d.expansionX();

sp-item.cpp:1447: error: ‘const class Geom::Matrix’ has no member named ‘is_translation’ !(!transform.is_translation() && SP_OBJECT_STYLE(item) && SP_OBJECT_STYLE(item)->getFilter()) !(!transform.isTranslation() && SP_OBJECT_STYLE(item) && SP_OBJECT_STYLE(item)->getFilter())
text-context.cpp:1610: error: no matching function for call to ‘to_2geom(boost::optional<Geom::D2<Geom::Interval> >)’ boost::optional<Geom::Rect> frame_bbox = to_2geom(sp_item_bbox_desktop(frame)); boost::optional<Geom::Rect> frame_bbox = sp_item_bbox_desktop(frame);