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As the wiki is now dedicated to Inkscape development (which is done exclusively in English), this page is no longer relevant here. All contents directed to normal users and deserving to be translated should now be on the main Inkscape website.

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És difícil avaluar un programa sense saber què pot fer i què no. Aquí hi ha un resum general de les característiques disponibles en l'Inkscape, així com les característiques previstes per un futur pròxim.

Característiques actuals

Creació d'objectes

  • Dibuix: eina llapis (dibuix a mà alçada amb camins simples), eina ploma (creació de corbes de Bezier i línies rectes), eina de cal·ligrafia (dibuix a mà alçada usant camins emplenats que representen els traços cal·ligràfics)
  • Eines de formes: rectangles (poden tenir les cantonades arrodonides), el·lipses (inclou cercles, arcs, segments), estrelles/polígons (poden ser arrodonits i/o aleatoritzats), espirals
  • Eina de text (text multilínia, edició completa sobre la tela)
  • Mapes de bits incrustats (amb una ordre per a crear i incrustar mapes de bits o objectes seleccionats)
  • Clons (còpies "vives" enllaçades d'objectes), incloent una eina per a crear patrons i arranjaments de clons

Object manipulation

  • Affine transformations (moving, scaling, rotating, skewing), both interactively and by specifying exact numeric values
  • Z-order operations
  • Grouping objects, with a way to "select in group" without ungrouping, or "enter the group" making it a temporary layer
  • Layers, with a way to lock and/or hide individual layers, rearrange them, etc; layers can form a hierarchical tree
  • Copying and pasting objects
  • Alignment and distribution commands

Fill and stroke

  • Color selector (RGB, HSV, color wheel)
  • Color picker tool
  • Copy/paste style
  • A gradient editor capable of multi-stop gradients
  • Pattern fills (bitmap/vectors)
  • Dashed strokes, with many predefined dash patterns
  • Path markers (e.g. arrowheads)

Operations on paths

  • Node editing: moving nodes and Bezier handles, node alignment and distribution, etc.
  • Converting to path (for text objects or shapes), including converting stroke to path
  • Boolean operations
  • Path simplification, with variable threshold
  • Path insetting and outsetting, including dynamic and linked offset objects
  • Bitmap tracing (both color and b/w)

Text support

  • Multi-line text
  • Uses any installed outline fonts, including right-to-left scripts
  • Kerning, letterspacing, linespacing adjustments
  • Text on path (both text and path remain editable)
  • Text in shape (fill shape following stroke)


  • Fully anti-aliased display
  • Alpha transparency support for display and PNG export
  • Complete "as you drag" rendering of objects during interactive transformations


  • Live watching and editing the document tree in the XML editor
  • PNG and PostScript export
  • Command line options for export and conversions
  • Perfectly compliant SVG format file generation and editing
The above lifted from the Wikipedia.

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