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The Calligraphy Toolbar is a set of graphical widgets used to draw lines with calligraphics effects .




  • Profile Manager
  • Width: The width of the calligraphic pen (relative to the visible canvas area)
  • Trace Backgrounds: Trace the lightness of the background by the width of the pen (white - minimum width, black - maximum width)
  • Pressure: Use the pressure of the input device to alter the width of the pen
  • Thinning: How much velocity thins the stroke (> 0 makes fast strokes thinner, < 0 makes them broader, 0 makes width independent of velocity)
  • Angle: The angle of the pen's nib (in degrees; 0 = horizontal; has no effect if fixation = 0)
  • Tilt: Use the tilt of the input device to alter the angle of the pen's nib
  • Fixation: Angle behavior (0 = nib always perpendicular to stroke direction, 100 = fixed angle)
  • Caps: Increase to make caps at the ends of strokes protrude more (0 = no caps, 1 = round caps)
  • Tremor: Increase to make strokes rugged and trembling
  • Wiggle: Increase to make the pen waver and wiggle
  • Mass: Increase to make the pen drag behind, as if slowed by inertia


  • /tools/calligraphic/angle: Angle parameter as Double
  • /tools/calligraphic/cap_rounding: Caps parameter as Double
  • /tools/calligraphic/flatness: Fixation parameter as Double
  • /tools/calligraphic/mass: Mass parameter as Double
  • /tools/calligraphic/thinning: Thinning parameter as Double
  • /tools/calligraphic/tracebackground: Trace Background parameter as Boolean
  • /tools/calligraphic/tremor: Tremor parameter as Double
  • /tools/calligraphic/usepressure: Pressure parameter as Boolean
  • /tools/calligraphic/usetilt: Tilt parameter as Boolean
  • /tools/calligraphic/width: Width parameter as Double
  • /tools/calligraphic/wiggle: Wiggle parameter as Double

See also each of those parameters in /tools/calligraphic/preset.

Actual behaviours:

  • Parameters are stored in Preferences
  • No default value system looks to be provided


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