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Current State

An initial implementation is now in SVN. Limitations:

  • Allows a single <style> element in the document. Doesn't allow external stylesheets, doesn't allow more than one <style> element.
(Or rather it ignores all but one of the <style> elements, possibly changing which one it respects based on which was most recently re-read.)
  • No editing interface other than the XML editor.
There are a number of aspects of editing:
    • The most basic level: allow editing using the XML editor. (See Update section below.)
    • Editing a stylesheet.
    • Specifying what classes each object belongs to.
  • Doesn't respect media restrictions (e.g. ignores "this rule applies only to non-visual media" directives, and doesn't allow having one style for print and another style for on-screen).
  • @font-face hints are ignored.
  • Doesn't handle any other at-rules (@media, @import, @page, ...).

An incomplete list of work needed:

  • Ensure that this single stylesheet is updated whenever any of the