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CAD requirements

NOTE: this is a collector page showing specific features which is required some basic CAD capabilities.


CAD is an acronym of Computer-aided design, which means basically some tech drawing abilities.

Some plans already exists at 0.52 milestone of the Roadmap.

This page is basically an effort to expand what is in the roadmap and provide some background of this planned features and add some more needed capabilities.

Needed capabilities

  • Numerical input
  • Measure tool
  • Units should be consistent all over the codebase
  • Transpose of the object center
  • Geometrical constraints
    • "Perpendicular-to", "Parallel-to", etc.
  • Path trimming/extending/offset
  • Filleting tool
  • Dia-like smart shapes support

Numerical input

Ability to input the coordinates, distances, angles via keyboard. The include:

  • Angle
  • X-coordinate
  • Y-coordinate
  • Distance

Measure tool

Simple tool to measure the distance between two points. Could be extended into a poly-line measure tool.

Inkscape units

Architecture and engineering require different units, and different countries have different standards.

Most of the world: Metric

  • Meters (architecture)
  • Centimeters (architecture - europe)
  • Millimeters (architecture and engineering)
  • Nanometers?

US, some others: Imperial

  • Inches
  • Feet
  • Yards

Transpose of the object center


Geometrical constraints

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • 15 degree increments
  • Arbitrary increments

Trim/Extend tool

  • Trim cuts one path, or object at a point where it crosses another line. This could perhaps be an extension of the "path>cut" tool.

Fillet/Chamfer tool

Cuts the corner off two intersecting paths, and replaces it with another line

  • Chamfer cuts a straight line
  • Fillet replaces the corner with a curve (this is similar to the rounded corners on a rectangle, already implemented, perhaps some code could be reused)

Dia-like smart shapes support