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Bug Party


Bug Party Invitation

In an effort to beat the bug tracker and the feature tracker into submission, the Inkscape project is hosting a "Bug Party" on Saturday, September 24, 2005. This is an excellent opportunity for new contributors and non-developers to participate in the project.

All day long (in the US time) the IRC channel #inkscape on server irc.freenode.org will be open, along with the correspondent Jabber room (see http://inkscape.org/discussion.php for more details). We expect to reach peak hours at 16-20 UTC on September 24 (8-12 PST) and 0-4 UTC on September 25 (16-20 PST on September 24) and guarantee presence of core Inkscape developers on those time intervals.

For additional information, rules, procedures and tools, a Wiki page is available: http://wiki.inkscape.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?BugParty

If you are an Inkscape user looking for a way to contribute or an existing contributor wanting to contribute more, we await you!

To be distributed at:

  • Inkscape users list;
  • Inkscape test list;
  • Openclipart list;
  • Scribus list?;
  • news item on front page (aggregated to various Planet sites).

Fun Stuff:


  • trim down the number of open bugs/enhancement request. we should find old bugs which do not exist anymore, features already implemented and not closed in the tracker, duplicates and, why not, quick fixes.


  • if a bug report is one release old/one month old, we can't reproduce it and don't have any follow-up from the poster, then it can be closed;
  • code to fix bugs is to be posted as patches to the patch tracker for review and integration


  • is possible to post to the tracker without login to sourceforge.net, but a login is recommended, because this improve your ability to follow-up later;
  • not everyone is allowed to close a bug, so people without this right should comment in the bug reasoning why the bug should be closed (is a duplicate, not happen anymore, can't be reproduced). We should define a way to work after that, alternatives are:
    • put in a message a special string, like TOCLOSE, which can be queried later, for closure;
    • announce the bug number on the chat channel, so it can be closed interactively;
    • put the URL of the bug in the wiki page.
  • if a feature request would never be implemented, it can be closed, but with good reasoning of why it will not be implemented (like not within the scope of a vector drawing application, not compatible with the existing codebase)