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Inkscape: Open Source Scalable Vector Graphics Editor

  • Inkscape should be capitalized (not BiCapitalized), and is only one word. Inkscape is not named Inkspace.

Incorrect: inkscape, Ink Scape, Inkspace, InkScape


Draw Freely.

(watch capitalization, and don't forget the full stop)

Logo Treatment


  • 1-color: Prefered colors (in order of preference) are black (on lighter backgrounds), or white (on sufficiently dark backgrounds). The snowcap and rim line knocked out (transparent).
  • 2-color: The mountain and ink should be black, and white (for the snowcap and rim line)

Sample branding image


The font (available here: was made by Paratype from the handwriting of Pushkin, the greatest Russian poet of 19th century - who was also an artist, loved to do sketches on the margins of his manuscripts (using ink of course :) Pushkin's characteristic "flying" handwriting style and sketches (mostly profile portraits) are very familiar to anyone speaking Russian.

^^--- short remark: the tagline "Draw freely" with a font that it is _not_ free is a contradiction for me (User:FZap)