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Some ideas on what to do with the name and logo of Inkscape. The key resource here will be the website, which is going through lots of good revisions. Some other ideas:

= The Name

  • Inkscape should be capitalized (not BiCapitalized), and is only one word. Inkscape is not named Inkspace.

Correct: Inkscape

Incorrect: inkscape, Ink Scape, Inkspace, InkScape

This needs to be fixed on the Wiki. Fortunately, this Wiki does not require WikiNames for links. -- MenTaLguY


  • Inkscape: Expand your horizons
  • How about: "Draw your mountain" -- Ted
I used the motto on the About screen (see Screenshots). -- bryce

Logo Treatment


  • 1-color: Prefered colors (in order of preference) are black (on lighter backgrounds), or white (on sufficiently dark backgrounds). The snowcap and rim line knocked out (transparent).
  • 2-color: The mountain and ink should be black, and white (for the snowcap and rim line)

Sample Treatments

(a proposed badge) <a href="" alt="InkScape - Expand your horizons" title="InkScape - Expand your horizons"></a>

To be honest, I am not very fond of this treatment; the "Xpand" looks like a product name rather than a shortening of the slogan. The badge might be passable by itself without the type, but I don't think the brushed metal look contributes to the brand identity either. This may be a better example of what not to do. -- MenTaLguY