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As the wiki is now dedicated to Inkscape development (which is done exclusively in English), this page is no longer relevant here. All contents directed to normal users and deserving to be translated should now be on the main Inkscape website.


Inkscape: Open Source Scalable Vector Graphics Editor

  • Inkscape should be capitalized (not BiCapitalized), and is only one word. Inkscape is not named Inkspace. The name Inkscape is trademarked.

Incorrect: inkscape, Ink Scape, Inkspace, InkScape


Draw Freely.

  • watch capitalization, and don't forget the full stop. The tagline is trademarked.

Logo Treatment


  • 1-color: Prefered colors (in order of preference) are black (on lighter backgrounds), or white (on sufficiently dark backgrounds). The snowcap and rim line knocked out (transparent).
  • 2-color: The mountain and ink should be black, and white (for the snowcap and rim line)


The font to be used for the word 'Inkscape' is Linux Libertine O Regular.

The original handwriting font (available here: was made by Paratype from the handwriting of Pushkin, the greatest Russian poet of 19th century - who was also an artist, loved to do sketches on the margins of his manuscripts (using ink of course :) Pushkin's characteristic "flying" handwriting style and sketches (mostly profile portraits) are very familiar to anyone speaking Russian. For licencing reasons, the font was changed to Euphoria Script in 2015.

Sample branding image

Website header Euphoria and Libertine.png


For understanding how the Inkscape brand assets can be used, please refer to our Trademark Policy.