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Place and Time

We meet in #inkscape-devel on freenode.

Everybody in the Inkscape community is invited to participate.

Next meeting: Noon PDT/21:00 CEST, Fri, Feb 5th.

Meetings should be announced in advance on inkscape-devel and inkscape-board mailing lists.


Action Items from December Meeting

√ Ensure KK and Alex discuss sponsor recognition [Tav] √ Invite Alex to make a proposal for Leeds [bryce] √ Draft budget [bryce] √ Do a vote for another OSUOSL donation [bryce]

    • Increase Hackfest by 50%
    • Increase funds for Other Events

Action Items from January Meeting

  • Get Project Suggestions list ready for GSoC [bryce]

√ New agenda for next month [bryce] √ Post meeting minutes [scislac] TBD

For January 8th

  • Code of Conduct (final review)
  • Budget 2016 [bryce]
  • Sponsorship levels [kk]
  • Hackfest 2016: Leeds [alex]
  • Funded development [bryce]
  • GSoC 2016 [scislac]
  • Other Business

Past Agenda Items Still Open

  • Privacy Policy [drmo]

Proposed New Agenda Items

  • C++11 [alex]
  • Licensing issues (GPL v2+) [kk]