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=== Release Announcements ===
=== Release Announcements ===
* ReleaseAnnounce040
* ReleaseAnnounce039
* ReleaseAnnounce038
* ReleaseAnnounce038
* ReleaseAnnounce039
=== Places to Announce ===
=== Places to Announce ===

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Release Announcements

  • ReleaseAnnounce040
  • ReleaseAnnounce039
  • ReleaseAnnounce038

Places to Announce

Note: For some of these places, we should use a specific format. See next section.

  • Freshmeat
  • gnome-list
  • gnome.org
  • dmoz.org
  • linuxartist.org
  • lwn.net
  • osnews.com (eugenia@osnews.com@rejon.org)
  • cairo list
  • clipart-list
  • Scribus List
  • svg list
  • gnome-office-list@gnome.org
  • mozilla svg project
  • svg-developers@yahoo.com
  • SVG.org: antoine@graougraou.com
  • nettime-ann
  • arts sites?

Submission formats


Fill in ${VERSION} (e.g. 0.39), ${NODOT_VERSION} (e.g. 039), ${SIGNATURE} (your name or however you usually sign e-mails). Description of changes should be brief: see any ‘Development?link on http://lwn.net/Archives/ for examples.

To: lwn@lwn.net
Subject: `Development' submission: Inkscape ${VERSION} released

Submission appended.  Let me know if you'd like any changes to the submission format
(Subject line, submission formatting), as we'll probably use the same template for the next release.


<p><div class="SummaryHeadline">Inkscape ${VERSION} released</div>
Version ${VERSION} of <a href="http://inkscape.org/">Inkscape</a>,
an SVG vector graphics editor, has been
<a href="http://inkscape.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ReleaseNotes${NODOT_VERSION}">released</a>.
"<span>This version supports markers (aka arrowheads), clones
(<code>svg:use</code>), pattern tiles; uses pango for better text
appearance; and has various other improvements.</span>"