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Planning the PR for the 0.46 release is done here...


Task Performer Date of completion Status
Informal PR text none? unknown 0%
Formal PR text none? unknown 0%
Interview Prokoudine started 0%

Draft Press Releases


One Sentence

The Inkscape 0.46 release provides vector artists with: a new array of exciting tools, extended functionality on existing tools & features, significant speed and interactivity improvements and many user interface enhancements that increase productivity.

One Paragraph

One Page


One Sentence

One Paragraph

One Page

Places to Announce

In general, for linux community receives a general informal announcement. However, for formal press channels we use the more formal 3rd-person press release.

Receive Informal PR

Open Source Community

Contact Name How to contact Notes...
gnome office list gnome-office-list at gnome dot org
svg developers yahoo group must join the list to send (rejon is on) antoine at graougraou dot com, svg at steltenpower dot com maxdunn at siliconpublishing dot com michael (at)
cairo list cairo at cairographics dot org
gnome-list gnome-announce-list at gnome dot org
Scribus List (mrdocs) scribus at nashi dot altmuehlnet dot de
mozilla svg project submit if you have an account
SVG join and post to news section
gnome footnotes

Art Community & Blogs

Contact Name Who will contact / post? Notes...
Inkscape deviantart group ScislaC
the inkscape forum ryanlerch run by microUgly
inkscape tutorials blog ryanlerch
open clip art library list ryanlerch
open clip art library news ryanlerch forum johncoswell - vector art blog ryanlerch contact(at)

Social Sites

Contact Name Who will contact / post Notes...
Digg ryanlerch someone needs to post a short excerpt anouncing the release, and link it to everyone we all need to bookmark it
Technorati ryanlerch submit a new news item.

Receive Formal PR


  • I've requested where to send PR and how to get our software reviewed from these magazines.