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|[[LWN Submission Guide]]
|[http://www.svgi.org/ [[W3C]] SVG Implementations]

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Planning the PR for the 0.46 release is done here...

Places to Announce

In general, for linux community receives a general informal announcement. However, for formal press channels we use the more formal 3rd-person press release.

Open Source Community (Receive Informal PR)

Contact Name How to contact Notes...
gnome office list gnome-office-list@gnome.org
svg developers yahoo group svg-developers@yahoo.com must join the list to send (rejon is on)
SVG.org antoine@graougraou.com
svgfaq.org maxdunn@siliconpublishing.com
svgfoundation.org michael (at) svgfoundation.org
cairo list cairo@cairographics.org
gnome-list gnome-announce-list@gnome.org
Scribus List (mrdocs) scribus@nashi.altmuehlnet.de
osnews.com http://osnews.com/submit.php
Slashdot http://slashdot.org/submit.pl
mozilla svg project
SVG.org http://svg.org/submitstory/Diary submit if you have an account
http://www.desktoplinux.com/ http://www.desktoplinux.com/cgi-bin/news_post.cgi
SVG Cafe.com http://www.svg-cafe.com/ join and post to news section
Freshmeat http://freshmeat.net/
gnome footnotes http://gnomedesktop.org/node/add/story
scale-a-vector kukofka@scale-a-vector.de http://www.scale-a-vector.de/cont.htm
  • Art sites

PR: theobroma@revelinux.com

Social Sites

Formal PR Contacts

Magazines (Get formal PR)

  • I've requested where to send PR and how to get our software reviewed from these magazines.