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Inkscape 0.46 Contest

See http://inkscapers.deviantart.com/journal/16001755/

Ideas for Inkscape 0.47 Contest

1. Operate the contest in two phases, to promote the idea of collaboration. Phase 1 is a contest for the "Top 5 Concepts"; entry rules are fairly freeform. For Phase 2, everyone selects one of the five winners of the previous phase and creates their own derivation. The ultimate winner is selected from this set to be the about screen. Winners from phase 1 can participate in phase 2, but must select someone else's work to derive from (not their own).

2. Award a small number of honorable mentions for things we value, e.g.:

  • Best creative concept
  • Best optimized SVG file
  • Best use of the new Inkscape features

3. Include an "about the artist" tab in the about screen

4. require open content licensing