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This is a page to track the reviews of the official tutorials for the 0.91 release:

Basic tutorial

  • Reviewer: ryanlerch
  • Notes: all the shortcuts and menu items are still the same. tutorial contains no major regressions.

Advanced tutorial

  • Reviewer -- Ryanlerch
  • Notes
    • this section on nodes doesnt mention auto-smooth. (do we want to add it here?)

A node can be made cusp (Shift+C), which means its two handles can move independently at any angle to each other; smooth (Shift+S), which means its handles are always on the same straight line (collinear); and symmetric (Shift+Y), which is the same as smooth, but the handles also have the same length. When you switch the type of node, you can preserve the position of one of the two handles by hovering your mouse over it, so that only the other handle is rotated/scaled to match.

Shapes tutorial

  • Reviewer -- Ryanlerch
  • Notes
    • "The snap angle can be changed in Inkscape Preferences (the Steps tab)." --> in the Prefs Dialog, this is now in Behaviour > Steps

Bitmap tracing tutorial

Calligraphy tutorial

Elements of Design tutorial

Tips and tricks