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Win32 compile of poppler-0.5.9

Its compiled with mingw, used the Sumatra projects win32 build setup for Code Blocks, replaced the sumatra poppler directory with the contents of the latest source tar off the poppler site then fixed errors as they came up.

Changes to Source: Changed Gstring references in win32 sections to GooString Changed GList to Goolist in Win32 sections, Commented out lines 814 to 818 of to get it to compile (winfontdir was not defined in that scope apparently)

The first 2 changes are in line with the code in the Sumatra version of poppler. The setup they have for the param stuff is different, so i was on my own there... the last one may be evil, not sure, couldnt find anywhere that was actually being called, if we have font issues with this lib, this is probably why.