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NOTE: The Whiteboard functionality discussed in this articled was disabled in 0.47 (due to its broken state)

Pedro is the name of the whiteboard on inkscape, it allow to share the canvas, and work at several people on a same picture.


Please, if you add test on the status, finish your post with a 4 times ~ (this is a mediawiki signature, with date) for understanding tests chronology


  • Pedro can be used to register new user
  • chat to another buddy works
  • connection can be established with another inkscape
  • In my case, two computers behind the same NAT router, with two accounts, the connction for sharing drawing works, but any test for drawing on canvas result to a read socket error on other canvas, then write socket error on the userd canvas.

Popolon 21:17, 5 February 2008 (UTC)


Can connect to im.apinc.org. I tried to google.com xmpp server few month ago it worked (but I lost my login informations).(Inkscape SVN)

This error was in the SVN version in september 2007 with aping.org too, and was corrected since : Tried with jabber.linux.it, it establishes rightly a connection and can see my buddy list; it works for chatting, but I have no-one to try sharing a draw (In parallel I've had a pidgin session, with didn't experience any trouble). CANT connect to jabber.org:5222, SASL error.

After the dev, Dale Harvey : When I stopped working on the whiteboard it wasnt stable but was able to share most document changes, but didnt share defs / metadata etc


Can connect to both gristle.org and jabber.org using pedro, on establishing a whiteboard connection the reciever crashes

How to have whiteboard enable

You must compile inkscape with the configure option --enable-whiteboard

./configure --prefix=/my/installed/inkscape/path/ --enable-whiteboard &&
make && 
make install
# (or 'make install-strip' to remove debug symbols, but we could need it here).

then launch Inkscape.

launching Pedro whiteboard

there is a menu Whiteboard between Effects and Help menues.

Choose Whiteboard=>Instant Messaging...

A new window pop up called Pedro XMPP Client.

connecting to the server

Use menu File=>Connect to connect to the server. Enter commons jabber parameters (if you have no jabber account you can test the creation of a new one), then connect.

  • If you already have contact with your account, they will be displayed in the Buddies window.
  • If your evereyday jabber IM client is launched, you will see yourself with this client. resource.

Then start the conversation with your friend, or start to share your canvas...

Sharing the canvas

'Click on your friend or contact buddy with right mouse button and choose from contextual menu: share whiteboard

A new window will popup requesting you to choose which document to share :

  • The current document (the name of the actual document in the list).
  • A new document (Blank Document on the list).

select it and click on Open. A new window will popup with 'Inkboard session (youruser@server/resource to otheruser@server/resource).

This is the working whiteboard....