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Here is TODO for illustrations:

1. Work out visual style.

1.1. Color fill. We probably need a more or less fixed (let's say — recommended) color palette that would take into consideration:

  • that shape primitives should look uniformly across manual;
  • that printed black and white (or, rather, greyscale) version should look good and colors should differ;
  • add your point here ;-)

We probably should even try to avoid using many color filled objects unless the purpose is to illustrate some kind of color transition. But I'm not married to this argument, so feel free to attack :-)

My suggestion is to stick to Tango palette (which is exactly recommendation, not law).

1.2 Stroke width. Should be 2-5px, maybe? Ideas?

1.3 Size of objects. We probably do not want shape primitives to have a very much different size unless for specific reason.

1.4 Margins. Currently every screenshot has a different set of top/bottom/left/right margins. That means that the space between text and an illustration is different.

1.5 Something that I definitely forgot

2. Improve existing illustrations to match visual style

3. Add missing illustrations.

Uniformness of content

Another thing that really should be fixed is non-uniformness of content in Tools section: every chapter on tools is written in its own way.

What generic structure do you envision as best?