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Improved Barcode Support

  • Add an Inkscape barcode tag.

Yeah, I know there is some more stuff to this.

I'm thinking of adding a special Inkscape barcode tag with a new item renderer. In conjunction with the variable functionality, this would make Inkscape possible to use for advanced barcode printing.

Variable Support

  • Add possibility to handle variables and possibly (Python) expressions in an Inkscape document.
  • Add a new Inkscape attribute which may contain a variable or expression that affects another attribute.


Server Mode

Added a command line parameter (--server) that starts Inkscape in server mode, making it possible to feed new command lines for e.g. rendering to PNGs etc.


Assertion when quitting the application: (inkscape:13355): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_main_quit: assertion `main_loops != NULL' failed

Feature Requests

UML Shapes

Use Case: User wants to create nice looking UML state charts with ability to resize shapes without having to rearrange all items within the shape.

Most wanted: A Visio-like UML state shape with rounded corners and two text compartments, one for the title, and one for the event handlers.

Resizing the shape would intelligently resize the text compartments and the corner radii would stay the same.

GTK Widget

Use Case: User wants to create an application in a language with GTK bindings, with the ability to display SVG drawings.

An Inkscape SVG (py)GTK widget.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to drop an Inkscape SVG widget into Glade and write SVG enabled (Python) programs in a flash? Also, if the DOM was accessible - halleluja!

Looks like the preview window and Inkview uses some kind of GTK SVG Widget. How difficult would it be to package this separately for external use?

JonCruz and Ted mentioned issues with licensing. Inkscape is GPL and GTK+ is LGPL. This means an Inkscape GTK widget has to be GPL.

Web Based Editing

Use Case: User wants to edit a drawing on a computer without administrative rights but an Internet connection.

Not sure if Inkscape is the right tool here. Perhaps the Mozilla SVG projekt is better suited. Please, prove me wrong anyone!