Travel Reimbursement Policy

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Our travel is handled through the Software Freedom Conservancy. In general, after getting approval from the Inkscape Board, you book your own travel, collect receipts, and request reimbursement from SFC as described in SFC's Travel Policy.

Here are some points to keep in mind for future travel:

1. Airplane tickets must be purchased 14 days in advance unless permission is obtained in advance from SFC.

2. A screen capture showing the airplane ticket search must be submitted. This is to document that the ticket purchased is within $100 of the lowest available fare.

3. Do not submit food receipts, currency exchange fees, etc. Instead request a per-diem.

4. Currency exchange rates are determined by the Bank of Canada website. SFC will do the conversions.

5. You must state what currency you want to be reimbursed in, even for a PayPal account. (That was not clear in the policy.)