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Dear All! I used to work on FreeHand and since now seems Adobe not promising much future for it I am looking for disent replacement. (I still have my copy of Freehand:-) At the moment I am testing Xara and I feel that Rectangle tool, Rotation Centers and Pen tool comments are right as well as that it is to much clicking to swich tools. I feel it would be more convinon for example to get temporarly Selection tool to press CTRL? May be I am wrong but for designers is very important user friendliness. I was very disapointed to not being able to draw node handles. But after I found how, even it was a little bit of unlogical. Click on nods and use Pen Tool. I am not a programmer but seems like many of functions is not programmed in, but users find the way how to use what application is automatically generating after applaying certain tools. Hope you/someone find my comments usefull Regards peter applerock

Repeating Inkscape Advantages and doing a full comparision on every page would be redundant. The purpose of these pages is to see what ideas we can learn from other projects, advantages to be copied and flaws to be avoided. Comparisions are more about marketing than development and maybe counter productive. I would recommened a restructuring of this page. -- AlanHorkan

I object. There's no repetition because we do not list just "Inkscape advantages," but "Inkscape advantages compared to this specific program". Therefore the list of items and their wording will be unique for each program that we compare to. And I don't see how an objective comparison can ever be counterproductive.
I agree with both of you: Bulia is right about listing some Inkscape advantages, but this list is too extensive, including a lot of minor features, IMO only the *key* features should be noted, the rest are, as Alan said, redundant. --nicu
You cannot predict which features will be minor or major for someone. Quite often, a user rejects or falls in love with a program because of some very minor conveniences that he loves or hates. I happen to know both these programs quite well, so I listed everything I know, and I welcome more additions to both Xara and Inkscape lists, no matter how minor. We might need to better categorize these lists, but I would object to trimming them down arbitrarily. I also think that we need something like that, if not more detailed, for other vector editors as well. --bb
The goal of this page is to track how we compare to Xara and what remains to do to catch up. This list format is the best for this purpose. Ideally we need to have such lists on all "other vector editor" pages on our wiki. --bb

I still object and think having all the information about Inkscape on this page is unnecessary but I think having my objections here prominantly on record may be enough to warn people this is not intended as Comparative Advertising or be misconstrued as anything other than us being interested in learning from other projects.

I have absolutely no problem if someone perceives this as "comparative advertising", so long as the page is objective and complete. Let the people decide for themselves. --bb