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Inkscape 0.43

In brief

  • Pressure and tilt sensitivity: the Calligraphy tool can now use a

"the Calligraphy" -> "The Calligraphy"

Node tool

  • You can now edit the selected path (even if it's under other objects) by
    • When mouse is over a draggable path, the cursor is changed to include a hand.

"When mouse is" -> "When the mouse cursor is"


  • The Wavy extension is renamed to Function Plotter and got many fixes and improvements.

"and got may fixes" -> and "received many fixes"

<a href="">math</a>
should be wikified to
[ math]

<a href="">random</a>
should be wikified to
[ random]

  • Development continues on SVGSlice but it has not yet been fully integrated into Inkscape.

<a href="">Digital Unleashed</a>
should be wikified to
[ Digital Unleashed]

Packaging, documentation, examples

  • The windows installer has now a modular structure that allows the selection

"has now" -> "now has"
--NeoPhyte Rep 05:34, 19 December 2009 (UTC)