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Hello, my name is Davide, i'm an inkscape user since i started playing with graphics, then it became a work. I started using inkscape for web-design too and then i had an idea after looking for inkscape resources on the internet. I've found many tutorials, some forums but i couldn't find what i expected for a vector graphic software: a web-site gallery, with the opportunity to publish your drawing inkscape made, so...

so i did it and with my small company called nois3lab ( decided to make the best we could to provide the inkscape's users community with a powerful web-site not only for self publishing of images but also to increase visibility for inkscape and for the users community too.

Now we're almost ready to release it, we need someone to join us to fill the web-site with content (images for first) and to debug the web-site, making it comfortable even though we hope it already is. Actually there's a splash page on to prepare users to the next release. We used drupal, cause it's open-source and cause we know it well, we tried to make it work the best it can. So, the development area is at, if you'd like to, you can start to use it, posting your images, populating forums. We need 10 days of debugging and feedback, then we will move everything in

I know that already have a section called gallery, but i think that what inkscapegallery could be is quite different, we hope to give inkscape the best container for images created with it and the users the best place to submit their work.

I hope that after the release we will collaborate with too, cause the primary goal of this web-site is to help inkscape knowledge growth, to give a place where to go to see what inkscape can do.

I love cause it's full of documentation, resources, forums. Some of these will be in inkscapegallery to, but it is a gallery web-site for the most and we hope a great web-site gallery.

I hope you will be happy to know what we are doing. As soon as the web site will be ready, i'll communicate and we will consider if and how to collaborate for the inkscape growing purpose.

Day 21, January 2008

I wanted to keep you update about the inkscape gallery project.

Don'know why but it seems harder than we expected to find people to debug and populate the web-site, i'm doing this in the international community and in the italian one too. it seems that the italians appreciated much the work we have done and someone is collaborating with us, mostly debating about drupal internal choices, that is not exactly what we need right now.

But we need more people to stress the web-site to be sure about it, and we need images to make it beautiful when it will be online at

And i'd like the international community to partecipate cause i had to write so many words in english and i'm fearing that i did terrible mistakes cause i'm from italy know...we're not so smart in multilanguage.

I tried to handle this heavy task, i hope you will not be disgusted by my tv-serial based english :)

I added new features to inkscape gallery, like an advanced search to search for licenses or users, now i'm working on the rss feeds and i provided personal users feed at the moment.

We have another big project about inkscape gallery and i will soon entroduce to you.

Please, this is a great chance for inkscape to be well known and considered as the great vector graphic software it really is, we don't want to miss this.

I hope to see many of you in the test area, the address is ,cause it's ready to be populated with your inkscape made graphics and your inkscape talks in the forums.

In a few days we plan to be ready to move all in

Go and spread you vector graphics around!!