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The Star Toolbar is a set of graphical widgets used to draw or edit star or regular polygon shapes.




  • Flatsided: Type of shape
    • Polygon: Regular polygon (with one handle) instead of a star
    • Star: Star instead of a regular polygon (with one handle)
  • Corners: Number of corners of a polygon or star
  • Spoke ratio: Base radius to tip radius ratio
  • Rounded: How much rounded are the corners (0 for sharp)
  • Randomized: Scatter randomly the corners and angles
  • Defaults: Reset shape parameters to defaults (use Inkscape Preferences > Tools to change defaults)


  • /tools/shapes/star/isflatsided: Flatsided parameter as Boolean
  • /tools/shapes/star/magnitude: Corners parameter as Integer
  • /tools/shapes/star/proportion: Spoke ratio parameter as Double
  • /tools/shapes/star/randomized: Randomized parameter as Double
  • /tools/shapes/star/rounded: Rounded parameter as Double

Actual behaviours:


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