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Launchpad Entry: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/inkscape/+spec/crash-recovery


The solution presented here shows a list of the crashed files and buttons to recover now, recover later or delete. A preview like the in the Open dialog is also shown.

Data about the Emergency save is here: http://wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.php/EmergencySave

Release Note


The way Inkscape manages the crashed files is cumbersome and a bit misleading for a starter. I've some reasons that explains this:

  • The user doesn't know when there is a file that can actually be recovered.
  • The user might be confused about the strangely named files in his personal folder (e. g.: New document 1.2008_07_01_15_47_14.0) because it doesn't show the name given by the user and has no .svg extension.
  • The files get scattered around his folder.
  • The Open dialog doesn't show these files nor its previews (I guess this is related to the fact of the lack of extension).

So I'm trying to design a dialog which takes care of these problems. This spec also suggests how the files should be managed at the point of crashing and creating them.


Main UI

The dialog has to do these things:

  • Show a preview.
  • Allow the user to:
    • Recover file(s).
    • Leave for later.
    • Delete file(s).
    • Do the above on multiple files easily.
  • Allow the user to decide if the dialog should be shown next time or not thru a "Show dialog at start-up" checkbox.

Crash-recovery mockup.png

Preferences UI

The dialog has to do these things:

  • Allow the user to decide if the dialog should be shown next time or not thru a "Show dialog at start-up" checkbox.
  • Allow the user to set the path.

It's similar to the Autosave feature Preferences' section.

Storage of the files

The files are stored in a folder chosen by the user in the Preferences dialog, pretty much like Autosave feature. By default the files are stored in ~./inkscape/crash (Linux) or C:\Documents and Settings\<yourname>\ (Windows).


The dialog shows at start-up if the box is checked AND there are any files to recover. The user selects one or more documents and hits Recover or Delete. If he doesn't want to do anything now, clicking on Leave for later closes the dialog and goes on (showing a new document).

The dialog is controlled with the "Show dialog at start-up" checkbox in it and in the Preferences dialog. This means there's need to have another section on Preferences for adjusting this and the path to the directory storing the files.

SVG representation


  • Add the linked crahs log (logs should be kept associated with a crashed file).