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Inkscape for Slackware 13

To have a running version of Last Inkscape on Slackware 13, you must follow those steps:

a) Required Libraries at Salix OS's repository - Goto Salix OS Repository In here you can find those needed packages(Salix OS 13 is full package compatible with Slackware 13, cuz is bassed on it, you can use Salix OS's already to-install packages from its repository to your Slackware 13).

Libsigc++ 2.2.3 a gc++ garbage collector

GSL 1.12

cairomm 1.8.2

pangomm 2.14.1

gtk engines 2.18.2 (not needed, but.....)

gtkmm 2.14.4

glibmm 2.18.2

gc 7.1

Download them all in a single folder, make your self superuser and then install them with slackware tool's installpkg

b) SlackBuilds' Repository - go there: SlackBuilds' Inkscape's page

Download friendly:

Inkscape 0.47's tarball

SlackBuilds' Inkscape Shell Installer Script

Just Unpack slackbuild's installer script and run it on a folder like this:

$sh inkscape.SlackBuild and start compiling the source code of inkscape 0.47 is like 20 minutes or more on a Intel Core 2 Duo T6500 ;)

c) Copying Compiled Package

Go to directory: /tmp/ look for inkscape-0.47-i486-3_SBo.tgz

Its got a structure like this:


Unpack it open a console or terminal and inside folder you unpacked the compiled package

run the installer script like this:


and then copy the content of yourunpackingfolder/usr/

to the /usr/ folder

but you should be superuser.

Note: Why I used Salix OS's repository? in the other wiki's page about installing inkscape, suggestions ideas about installing from source, dont work.