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Milestone 14 - Inkscape 0.48 - Infrastructure and Bugfixing (Short Cycle, Point Releases)


  • Switch to DVCS
  • Complete lib2geom integration
  • Continue Cairoification (in new branch)


Finish autoswatches

Finish Maximilian's patch for guides selection

  • Aligning objects to a selected guideline
  • Distribution of guides

Update LPEs that can take advantage of the new node tool (e.g. envelope)

Merge GSoC work

  • Spray tool

Image links management

  • Better management of image links (manage absolute and relative links properly)
  • Simple UI to fix broken links or relink images
  • Proper interpretation of the resolution of the imported images (i.e.: if the document's default units are cm or inches, read the resolution value of the image and scale it to fit the proper size))

Color Management

  • Support for icc profiles
  • Color managed view
  • Use recently added color management in poppler based PDF/AI import plug-in


Desktop Integration Effort:

  • [PARTIALLY DONE] Inter-application cut-and-paste
  • Inter-application drag-and-drop

Extension Effort:

  • Unification of the way to display help on extensions
  • Localizable help of bundled extensions
  • Effect extensions browser

File Import/Export:

  • File dialogues
    • Put all the non svg formats into export/import
  • Uniconvertor that can handle text
  • PDF Import/Export
    • Choice of PDF spec. (PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3)
    • Add file info/comments
    • Generate multipage PDF documents
    • Define bleed and slug areas for offset printing
    • Add crop, bleed and registration marks
    • Add color bars
  • Visio support

Milestone 15 - Inkscape 0.91 - Code Refactoring (Long Cycle)


  • GDL - submit patches upstream, switch to dependency on upstream library
  • Finish Cairoification
  • Extract lib2geom, libavoid and libcoroco - switch to dependency as separate libraries


  • Make extensions more modular (groundwork for 3rd party extensions)

Switch to the usual coordinates system

Change build system


  • Support for creating dock items with named icons

SP tree

Improve quality and speed of rendering