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Status: Feature Freeze

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Release Wardens

Joshua A. Andler (


  • Chill: 18 April, 2009: No more refactoring.
  • Frost: 4 May, 2009: Bug hunt.
  • Feature Freeze: 14 Aug, 2009: No more development.
  • Hard Freeze: Only release wardens can commit.
  • Branch:
  • Release:

Original Announcement

The road to 0.47 April 21, 2009

Following announcement about our participation at Google Summer of Code 2009 we declare that we are beginning to wrap up to release long anticipated 0.47 version of Inkscape.

Here is the current plan

1. Chill phase (in progress). Development focuses on wrapping up with no further refactoring. We identify 'make distcheck' issues, triage bug reports, run an About Screen contest (more on that soon) and create a draft of Release Notes, then update tutorials and other docs.

2. Frost phase (May 1, 2009). Most development is complete. Release Notes should be >90% filled in. Bug Hunt: 500 points. We also post inkscape-0.47-alpha.tar.gz

3. Feature Freeze (May 15, 2009). There will be no further development work and all features that can't be finished in time will be disabled. We focus on critical bug fixing, finalize all tutorials, docs, etc., we finalize all extensions. Translators do their work too. Inkscape must pass 'make distcheck'. We upload inkscape-0.47-beta.tar.gz

4. Hard freeze (May 25, 2009). Only release wardens can commit to mainline. We focus on release-critical bug fixing, finish translations, release notes etc. Packagers test creating pkgs of the -beta release. We upload inkscape-0.47-rc1.tar.gz

5. Branch (June 5, 2009). We establish the stable branch for release and complete any late-late-late work, also do final verification of packaging, release notes, docs, etc. and publish more release candidates until it's ready for releasing. We also plan 0.47.1+ release(s), if it's required.

6. Release. We upload inkscape-0.47.tar.gz and builds for various systems on June 15, 2009 and post official announcements.

Any help much appreciated!

Release Notes

Release notes/0.47

Missing Information

  • New Effects
    • Ruler [max]
    • Interpolate Subpaths [Johan]
  • JavaFX export
  • New location of preferences.xml
  • Sketch mode for Pencil Tool needs more detail.
  • New Extensions
    • Interpolate Attribute in a Group [Aurelio A Heckert]
    • Web > JavaScript [Aurelio A. Heckert]



See: Creating Distributions

  • Inkscape 0.46+devel (May 18)
    • Fedora 11 (!)

Bug Hunt

Goal: 500 points. Completed


Search for bugs that are Fix Released or Fix Committed, sorted by most recently changed.


  • Scoring
    • 3 Low
    • 6 Medium
    • 9 High
    • 12 Critical
    • Double if bug over one year old.
  • Qualifying bugs
    • No duplicates, invalid, works-for-me, or whatnot.
    • True bugs only: no fixes to website, translations, docs, etc.

Top Bug Hunters

With 30 or more points:

120 van Lierop
 57 theAdib
 45 Bulia Byak
 36 JazzyNico
 33 T. Holder
 30 Jon A. Cruz

Special Mention for bug reviewing:

 JazzyNico, Pablo Trabajos, Alvin Penner, ~suv


507 Points (as of August 14th)
456 Points (as of August 7th)
420 Points (as of August 2nd)
378 Points (as of July 29th)
369 Points (as of July 21st)
342 Points (as of July 15th)
312 Points (as of July 9th)
294 Points (as of July 6th)

Pts BugID Fixer Description

 3  372122  theAdib       SVN build not working under win32
 3  372372  Penner        Error while opening dxf file.
 3  337357  Rintel        [PATCH] GCC 4.4 compilation & start fix
 3  340257  ScislaC       segfault on startup in nr_object_ch...
12  179373  van Lierop    canvas doesn't totaly refresh when resizing
12  167762  van Lierop    guides move after page resize
 6  218090  theAdib       crash on 32-bit file encounter (TIFF)
 3  319550  Kosinski      call to wrong C++ delete
 3  374968  Holder        rotation center gets moved
12  167525  van Lierop    moving mouse results in high CPU usage
 3  375245  helix84       /bin/bash: ./ /usr/bin/python...
12  166029  van Lierop    No access to marker options when st/pt none
 3  375499  Holder        paste into rotated or skewed groups broken
 3  376064  Holder        viewBox ignored on import
12  167651  Holder        problems with "Zoom when window is resized"
 6  193339  Kiirala       Filter effects not updated "live" for images
 9  372412  Jaspervdg     Crash with filters
 3  242105  Jon A. Cruz   Version en Espanol para Mac
 6  215906  JiHO          User-installed fonts unavailable (OSX)
 3  263932  Laibow-Koser  Print preview Mac OS X
12  214186  van Lierop    Assertion failed when aligning
 3  379665  Shlomi Fish   make install fails due to dup "default.svg"
 6  179866  Holder        Reverse path does not reverse nodetypes order
 6  381374  Jon A. Cruz   Problem compiling 'gchar* profile_path()
 3  371893  van Lierop    guide anchor always shown
 9  380141  Jon A. Cruz   [OSX] missing ~/.config
 3  382394  Chris Morgan  Patch: environment variable override for prefs
 6  168422  van Lierop    Windows XP: window opens about 20px low
 9  380934  van Lierop    SVN: multiple instances - gradient tool crash
 9  381357  val Lierop    inkscape closes wrong window and
12  168180  Jon A. Cruz   svg version attribute
 3  377357  Kris          Error in message (, ...)
 3  348611  JazzyNico     Measure Path off my a small amount
 3  380199  JazzyNico     Exporting to XAML doesn't use culture ind...
 6  372171  Preben S      Rendering errors in color management
18  168161  buliabyak    font name dropdown steals focus, ...
 3  388125  Wybrow          pngs (OSX)
18  168484  theAdib       Relative links use "\" in win32 platform
 9  239430  van Lierop    linked offset ungroup issue
 6  386069  JazzyNico     Embed extension fails
 3  325145  Espertino     Select tool mouse pointer usability
 3  340311  Stefan        pdf export omits some elements
 3  375771  openSUSE      Initialize all fields in newPoly()
 3  387446  Alvin Penner  Extension deprecation warnings                
 3  389780  Preben S      Low precision in HPGL output
 6  392647  Nico          Lest win32 builds change links between SVG..  
 3  391307  JazzyNico     SVG and media output not working on Windows
 3  375975  van Lierop    Circles smaller than grid width not drawn
 3  391923  Preben        No scaling in hpgl output
 3  327533  JazzyNico	  Calligraphy presets are not translatable
 9  390162  Kosinski	  Wrong defaults for Calligraphy tool
 3  396322  Wybrow	  Spell checker crashes the OS X package
 3  396070  van Lierop	  Node snapping doesn't work with a group...
 9  275519  Rintel	  [PATCH] ODG export produces corrupt files on x86_64
 3  397793  hefee	  dxf import: encoding problem
 6  217236  Шеган	  intltool - messages extracted from XML missing...
 6  398240  ScislaC	  Eraser width broken
12  171150  Cracan	  Connectors should always touch the shape boundary
 9  387298  Engelen	  Repeatable crash with VonKoch LPE
 3  401111  van Lierop	  MMB pan doesn't start reliably when snapping is on
 3  400165  Wybrow  	  Binary Inkscape dist crashes when MacPorts...
 6  168387  van Lierop    Display mode toggle doesn't update radio button
 3  396580  JazzyNico	  non-ASCII characters not displayed correctly in the open dialog
 3  364224  cilic42	  unnecessary tab on layers dialog
 9  383244  Hochreiner    With JessyInk installed in an .svg file, doc prop dialog crash
 3  404488  Papouin  	  Axonometric grid spacing lower range is too big
 6  386256  JazzyNico  	  Inkscape-0.47pre0 does not build on win32
12  195101  van Lierop  	  stuck in zoom context when typing 'z' while dragging with a tool 
 9  309856  theAdib  	  crash when doing Python-driven export to a read-only file
 6  284680  theAdib  	  on output, the option 'convert text to paths' does not work...
 9  407115  theAdib	  Cannot open file after saving on full USB stick (CONFIRM)
 6  292232  theAdib  	  Browse button from Export show a GTK Dialog on Win32
 6  387946  JazzyNico  	  UniConvertor called with wrong filename
 6  179866  T. Holder  	  Reverse path does not reverse the nodetypes order
 3  386292  M. Albert	  file-save-dialog doesn't update shown filename on...
 6  379977  buliabyak 	  Imagemagick Raster extensions not working
 3  308183  JazzyNico	  Measure Path text shifted when used with a copied object
 6  168780  Papouin 	  0.45 on winxp: Mouse not properly captured..	
 6  373309  A. Johnson    Print has offset on page
12  166678  A. Johnson    Paper size or orientation are not used when printing
 9  304018  buliabyak  	  Crash when using LPE with node tool selected
 3  407893  buliabyak	  Text Tool attributes messed up.
 9  376068  buliabyak        Inkscape 0.46_5 Segmentation fault on gradient edit

Bug Info

Critical Open Bugs and Issues

  • Export to Open Clip Art library disabled?
  • Final LPE list?

About Screen


  • Status?
  • String freeze date?
  • There is a request to review English of new LPEs.