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PreserveOverTransform: the ability to optionally preserve certain attributes whilst transforming an object.

A good example is be the stroke width of a path. When you resize the path, the stroke also gets resized, making it fairly awkward to maintain a regular stroke width across several objects that you might be manipulating. It would be nice to be able to preserve the stroke width so it does not become inconsistent.

This should be controlled by toggle buttons in the selector toolbar. Things to preserve/not preserve separately:

  • stroke width
  • gradient fill
  • pattern fill
  • bitmap fill (when we have it)
  • mask (when we have it)

I'll have to second that opinion. For me being a beginner with inkscape (btw. I'm pretty impressed, thank you guys!) it took some time to figure out that there are possibilities to resize without changing the stroke width (e.g. via the rectangle tool). In my opinion the natural place to look for that option however would have been beside the field where you put in the size of the stroke.

  • suggesting: a small lock icon next to the stroke style -> width field

as far as I see it, the first 3 wishes of the previous poster have been fulfilled (at least in Inkscape 0.46)

--Gman beginner 22:12, 13 July 2009 (UTC)