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Source: http://picmo.com/en/features.html

Basic Features

Computer as a true drawing tool

The superb touch that makes mouse actions fun

Drawing with your mouse or tablet―that’s the foundation on which PICMO is built on. Through rigorous coordination and an adjustment of hardware, a superbly real and soft drawing touch―much like that of a marker―was realized.

Newly designed interfaces

You want a big canvas when you draw. PICMO does not display unnecessary windows, so that you can focus on the canvas alone. Even the toolbar buttons may be hidden. If that’s not enough, switch to full screen mode and maximize the canvas size. Use your computer as a large sheet of paper. Drawing Features Fun Doodling for the Drawing Challenged

Easy corrections with Good Boy! Pen

Nobody can draw well at first. But that’s perfectly fine as long as you take the time to fix the errors later, and this is when you need the help of the computer the most. PICMO is equipped with a fantastic tool for this purpose: Good Boy! Pen. Utter the words “Good Boy!” while gently stroke the lines with the pen―as you would a little boy’s head―and watch the rough edges vanish and the lines become tamer (smoother).

Shape-Memory Drag Pen for wilder deformation

The drag pen is suited for major corrections. Apply it on a line or a side of a shape, and simply drag it to deform the shape. What makes PICMO’s drag pen special is its shape-memory function; the shape tries to retain its form, so major deformations do not affect the shape’s original characteristics. Unlike spline control, which requires experience, the drag pen allows the user to create an ideal form by feel.

Pick and choose with Dynamic Color Change

Few people know what colors they want to use from the start. It’s only natural to test various colors in the creation process and see what fits the best. That’s where Dynamic Color Change comes into picture. Modify the RGB/HSV values on the palette and see the colors on the canvas change in real-time.

Animation Features

Create Animation in 10 Minutes

Animation in three simple steps: AnimClip

Once you have drawn something, let’s infuse some life into it with animation, and AnimClip is just the right tool for this purpose. Place red pins on the parts you want to apply movement to, and then drag them with your mouse. Notice the movements are astonishingly natural, like you are playing with a real stuffed animal. Record the mouse action and, incredibly, you’ll have your own work of animation just like that.

Baton Mode for sophisticated action

The Baton Mode is very convenient if you’re working with a complex character or want to create a complex series of actions. Save the character’s appearance at each base point of your choice, and see the character move smoothly within the range determined by the selected points. Dealing with eight tentacles has never been so easy!

Easy to Add Sound

Using PICMO, you can add sounds or music to your animation easily. Load the sound file, attach to AnimClip and record by the button. That's all you have to do. We provide free sound library with PICMO application file.

Import and Export

Animating pictures, moving hearts

Animate pictures with Bitmap importing

PICMO can import images taken by a digital camera and BMP files created by other software. Apply animation to the imported images using AnimClip, and make your friends and families dance like they’ve never danced before.

Share Your Animation at YouTube

By selecting only one menu item, you can upload your animation to YouTube. Not only to your YouTube account, but also PICMO shared account.

Exporting in Flash or QuickTime format

Your work may be exported in JPG or PNG format, or in Flash or QuickTime format if it contains animation. Upload it to your website, blog site, or YouTube. You can even make your own DVD!