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Please post links to screenshots and/or insights of this vector graphics application. We must learn from others.

OpenDraw currently has more features than Inkscape:

  • Better support for 3D.
  • Better import/export capability.
  • "Convert to", convert objects to and from Paths and other object can be very useful (please rephrase this)
  • Export to Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Integration with the rest of a Suite has the advantage of getting OpenDraw in the door as well as providing other side benefits.
  • Very intuitive editing of grouped objects (without ungrouping them). Double-clicking the group blurs the other objects, allowing in-group editing.
  • (Please add to this list, I gather there are many others.)

Nevertheless, there are some areas where it's better to use Inkscape:

  • SVG support (Openoffice has some support for exporting SVG).
  • Spirals, stars & calligraphy pen are fairly unique to Inkscape and SodiPodi (JascWebDraw also has includes spirals).
  • Apparently OpenDraw can't fill curves with a gradient or pattern.
  • OpenDraw doesn't have mid-markers, only end markers (arrow heads).
  • "Simplify curve" missing from OpenDraw (unique to Inkscape?)
  • OpenDraw has only 3 boolean operations.
  • Inkscape does better at text-on-path. It seems that OpenDraw requires converting text to curve first, so one can't edit the text after putting it on a curve.
  • Inset/outset (unique to inkscape? Not unique MacromediaFreehand does it better)
  • Graph layout: automatic connector routing, node overlap removal, and graph layout functions (0.43+devel) are probably better in Inkscape than OpenDraw. (Indeed, does OpenDraw have any of these, other than a simple Distribute command?)
  • Patterns in Inkscape (SVG) aren't restricted to bitmaps.


Presentation on OpenDraw:

OpenDraw tutorials (among many others):


OpenDraw is available under various licenses

  • Public Document License (PDL)
  • GNU General Public License (GPL)
  • GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
  • Sun Industry Standards Source License (SISSL). Deprecated, LGPL is used instead.