Andrews Big Dialog Re-Design/OCAL

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 * UI Redesign (which includes)
    - Altered the padding and packing of all widgets
    - Added search entry with clear and search icons
    - Added Open Clip Art Library (OCAL) Logo overlay
    - Put descriptions inline in list
    - New preview widget that shows extra metadata
    - New status widget to notify on errors/success etc.
    - Dialog is now persistent (retains state)
    - Better messages for the user
    - Changed title/menuitem to 'Import Clip Art'
 * Backend stuff (which includes)
    - Use new GFile API instead of depreciated GNOMEVFS
    - Use async methods so the UI isn't blocked
    - Use smaller, thumbnail images in the preview widget (save on bandwidth and increase speed)
    - Implement cancelling of operations
    - Put downloaded resources into one directory, from which we can use later
    - Big cleanup in terms of code


Ocal-dialog-normal-actual.png Ocal-dialog-no-results-actual.png Ocal-dialog-searching-actual.png Ocal-dialog-loading-actual.png Ocal-dialog-full-actual.png


Ocal-dialog-normal.png Ocal-dialog-no-results.png Ocal-dialog-searching.png Ocal-dialog-loading.png Ocal-dialog-full.png