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 Switch to a single makefile in src/ that includes all the
 stuff previously in src/**/
 Top-level makefile continues to be recursive make.  This simplifies
 data installation, and the benefits of changing aren't much for
 directories outside of src/**.
 Use automake's `include' directive on blah/Makefile_insert.
 Most existing blah/ content goes to blah/Makefile_insert,
 e.g. blah_libblah_a_{CPPFLAGS,SOURCES,LDFLAGS,LDADD}.
 Some "global" variable definitions move to src/
 INCLUDES/AM_CPPFLAGS become e.g. blah_libblah_a_CPPFLAGS (i.e.
 per-target instead of per-directory).
 "Local" variable definitions (e.g. used for conditional compilation,
 e.g. win32_sources) go in src/blah/Makefile_insert, and acquire a `blah_'
 prefix.  (The win32_sources variable from src/ goes to
 src/Makefile_insert with no added prefix.)
 src/ contains:
     include blah/Makefile_insert
     Definitions for the aforementioned "global" variables.
     dist-hook rule.


   Can depend on things from other directories.  E.g. some files in
   display/ depend on helper/sp-marshal.h having been built, and various
   */*-test programs depend on libraries in other directories (previously
   hacked with a `check-recursive: all-recursive' dependency in
   Compilation is expected to be faster:
     - Fewer invocations of automake and make.
     - Better parallelization is possible with make -j / make -l (e.g.
       when using distcc).
   However, making CPPFLAGS per-target means much longer generated
   Makefile content.  I haven't yet done timing tests (underway).


   All files mentioned in the makefile fragments need to specify their
   directory.  E.g. if blah/ used to contain
     libblah_a_SOURCES = \
       foo.cpp foo.h
   then blah/Makefile_insert will now contain
     blah_libblah_a_SOURCES =  \
       blah/foo.cpp    \

Any other advantages/disadvantages?

Checks to be done before switching:

   `make install' creates same directory tree.
   - Done.  Some differences in the inkscape/inkview executable files,
     all other files bytewise-identical.
   `make check' works.
   - Done.  Works.  Hmm, haven't checked that all expected checks are
     getting run.
   `make check' works immediately after `make clean'.

   - Not yet checked.
   `make distcheck' works.
   - Not yet checked.

Any other checks to be done?