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Please post links to screenshots and/or insights of this vector app. We must learn from others.

Moho is a 2D vector-based cartoon animation application,

It uses technic near from skeletal stroke from S.C. Hsu, I.H.H. Less and H.E. Wiseman. Skeleton is defined as in 3d applications, the curves of the object are linked to parts of this skeleton and follow move/rotation/zoom. Path, can be stroked, with specific brushes, the size of the brush follow a curve, applied to the path, as in skeletal stroke.
The 2d objects can be moved, in space, as 3d objects. There are some effects, like blur to simulate field depth, and parallax scrollings.
3d objects can be imported from 3d softwares in scenes, and used as background objects, or as part of 2d models to simulate 3d, keeping the style of 2d models.

This software is available on Linux, MacOSX and win32, there is free evaluation demo on site.

(Ben) I can't see the info corresponding to paragraphs 2-4 above on the Moho site. I would draw your atention to the Moho forums and point out that this program has a loyal and energetic user base.


Moho Screenshots


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