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Please post links to screenshots and/or insights of this vector app. We must learn from others.

Visio is a vector graphics program for creating diagrams and technical drawings.

Many users have a need for technical drawing tools and are not well catered for by other Open Source software. Whether you like it or not there is a demand for features from technical drawing software in Inkscape.

When drawing a shape Visio includes a diagonal line and other hints to make it easier to draw symmetrically. Also, Visio has configurable snap-to-points on each corner and middle of lines (configurable) to aid with quickly connecting links and shapes together.

Visio has an extensive set of Stencil Sheets and when it comes to implementing Library functionality and ways to manage predefined styles and objects it may serve as a useful reference.

Seen from a regular user of Visio, the following features are missing from Inkscape:

  • Powerful Connection Tool: Makes it very easy to create all sorts of diagrams with connecting lines, arrows etc. that re-route automatically.
    • Connector styles: Right Angle or Straight. +1 for Auto &or Bezier Curves
    • User definable Connection Points on objects
    • Line Jumps may be added to crossing lines: Arc, Gap, Square.
    • The auto-routed connections are easily adjusted manually.
  • Text Annotation: All objects are easily annotated with a text box whose properties (position, size, rotation etc.) follows those of the annotated object.
  • Drawing scale: Scaling between paper size and drawing size is necessary for CAD-like drawings with real world dimensions. Measurement Objects available as a stencil make it easy to annotate drawings with true to scale measurements.
  • Multi-page Drawings: A drawing may consist of multiple pages. The pages are made available with tabs below the current page.
  • Stencil Sheets: Visio includes all sorts of stencil objects. Stencil sheets with user objects are easily created.