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This page outlines the work proposed for the work sponsored by LinuxFund 2009.

M. Derezynski

Numeric Kerning Control

Do the neccessary backend coding to properly handle kerning, eventually take care of rendering problems with kerning, and add GUI controls to text tool dialog.

Text Toolbar Dropdown/Font Selection Dialog

Rewrite of the font selection drop down

The current implementation implements the basic idea, but in itself is too ad-hoc and unpolished. A proper implementation for the text dropdown requires, unfortunately maybe, in my opinion, writing of at least an own widget for the font list, since using TreeView is unsatisfactory.

Thus this proposal involves a complete rewrite of the current widget(s) and some backend coding.

Base goal: Fix usage semantics and improve usability of font dropdown

  • Use caching of prerendered layouts for font previews, use Cairo scaling when needed to avoid clipping text at row boundaries
  • Make preview dropdown resizable
  • Make preview font size adjustable (see bug #172120)
  • Use not treeview/treemodel but own, specialized thus faster widget for the dropdown
  • If sanely possible, share cached layouts between dropdown and text dialog

Text Dialog

  • Fix minor usage problems with text dialog, most related to TreeView and selection

Launchpad Bugs

  1. 168320, #181663, #168273 (if fixable and is not truly a Gtk+ bug), #167565, #172120, #168064, #269625