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Inkview Wishlist

  • Correct work in Windows (ability to work with normal Windows paths, to integrate it in the shell, associate it with .svg files)
  • SMIL
  • hyperlinking in documents
  • png support through GdkPixBuf
What's wanted in particular? Certainly inkview already support png images.
  • libgsf for archives
  • SVG 1.2: multiple pages
  • Load from URL (web browsing)
  • Ability to hide/show layers
  • Command-line options:
    • --fullscreen - Start in full-screen mode (F11)
    • --refresh[=nn] - "nn" is URL auto-refresh time in milliseconds. Value less than reload/redraw rate means continuous refresh. When no value is given, reload local file whenever it changes.
    • --use-instance[=n] - Re-use existing Inkview window. "n" is a valid pid, or 0,1,2.. for inkview instances in pid order. No value implies use newest instance (highest pid).
  • Be able to view large images without resizing them to fit on the screen. I use inkscape (and would like to use inkview) to look at very huge SVG images, where other tools and bitmap formats do not work. Here, it is important to see every detail (shortcut "1" in inkscape) and move around in the image. Other zoom levels (like "5" and "6") would be useful, too. Thanks a lot for inkscape, I am quite happy with it. It would be nice to be able to use inkview, too.

Blue Sky Thoughts

  • Import Charts from Gnumeric
  • Use text handling features from AbiWord in text boxes
  • Become embeddable (Netscape-Plugin?/KPart?)
  • Templates - Make content of slides in text/xml and apply SVG look&feel separately
  • Data stream visualization - dynamically update a shape/graphic in response to data value changes
Changes in what value, i.e. what sort of input?

LaVeuDeT Thoughts

  • Enabling zoom and panning on SVG view (even fullscreen mode)
  • Can define an special layer on the SVG called, for example, "slides" where there are objects with ids like "silde01", "slide02" and so on. Then:
    • When spacebar is pressed, zoom and pan will adapt to this slide objects.
    • This will make possible to use Inkscape like some sort of pttPlex but without using powerpoint (sounds great, no?)
  • Python plugins to custom dinamics like layer visibility, movements, size, view zoom...