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Welcome to the Inkscape Watch Party! These are videos on topics to help invest key knowledge into the Inkscape development community.

Inkscape Watch Schedule

Sat, Mar 16 Sat, Mar 23 Sat, Mar 30 Sat, Apr 6 Sat, Apr 13
18:00 UTC
19:00 UTC Fundraising for FOSS Projects
(1½ hr) [Watch Party at the #Collaboration_space chat channel]
20:00 UTC

We will arrange to get together on Rocket.Chat in channel #collaboration_space at the given time (convert UTC to local time zone), to watch the given video together. This way we can share ideas and insights, and do some peer to peer Q&A. You can of course watch the videos whenever you want.

Fundraising for open source projects:

Hosts: Michèle, Bryce

See also Fundraising_Ideas

Other Topics Ideas

  • Bradley Kuhn SCALE 2019 presentation on FOSS sustainability - (video link tbd; summary at
  • The Open Clip Art Library
  • Google SoC
  • Translation 101
  • Refactoring 101
  • Writing Extensions 101
  • Bug Triage
  • Debugging Inkscape
  • Maintaining the Inkscape Windows Port
  • Intro to Django Development
  • Creating Web REST APIs using Django
  • C++-11 Best Practices
  • Introduction to the SVG File Format
  • Using Git
  • Using Gitlab
  • Introduction to Development with Gtk+
  • What's New in Gtk+ 3
  • What's Coming in Gtk+ 4
  • Writing Grant and/or Fellowship Applications